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RTO Training Materials For Sale, including RTO LMS

Buy 8 Business Services Training Package Units of Competency </> 2 Simulated Workplaces

RTO Learning Management System (LMS) </> Training Materials </> Assessment Resources

RTO Training Resources for Sale includes RTO LMS
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What’s included?

This clearance sale consists of much more than the specified RTO training materials for sale . While the sale does include all RTO training resources, it also includes BizTrain’s LMS, all assessment resources and compliance tools. These are relevant to the following 8 BSB units of competency. In addition, this sale includes our two online simulated workplaces.

  • BSBMKG501 – Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

  • BSBMKG401 – Profile the market
  • BSBMKG502 – Establish and adjust the marketing mix
  • BSBMKG507 – Interpret market trends and developments
  • BSBMKG514 – Implement and monitor marketing activities
  • BSBMKG515 – Conduct a marketing audit
  • BSBMKG523 – Design & develop an integrated marketing communications plan
  • BSBWRT501 – Write persuasive copy

Food for thought!

Why are we selling?

We're moving away from Vocational Education and Training. Our web design, hosting, SEO and WordPress maintenance work is what we'll be solely focussing on in 2018.

Lock, stock and barrel

This is a fantastic opportunity to buy training and assessment resources for 8 units of competency, including the LMS and two simulated workplace websites for the grand total of $2,750 (including GST).

What’s the price?


$2,750Including GST
  • BizTrain’s mobile-friendly LMS
  • 8 fully completed training units
  • 17 integrated competency assessments
  • Markers’ sheets and grading reports
  • Comprehensive mapping guides
  • All training content, material and resources
  • iDeals’ mobile-friendly simulated business
  • iDeals’ learner tools and templates
  • BizJobs’ mobile-friendly simulated HR business
  • All 3 associated domain names

What’s Mission Control?

0 learner tools
High-quality, fully editable tools and templates. Developed in MS Word and Excel, Mission Control is a password protected online learner resource repository.
Download a sample
RTO training materials & RTO assessment resources

Like to know more?

If you are interested in buying BizTrain’s LMS and our two simulated businesses — iDeals and BizJobs — we would like to hear from you. Remember, this sale also includes all online training, assessment and compliance resources.

Please be assured that all correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

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