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Operant Conditioning: Grow your business by giving away products

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Operant conditioning in marketing

Although the term may be new to you, the chances are you have been exposed to operant conditioning on many occasions. By the way, operant conditioning is also known as […]

How to conduct a PEST analysis • COVID-19

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Conducting a PEST Analysis using our free template

What is a PEST analysis?

A comprehensive PEST analysis encourages small business owners to critically examine the external marketing environments. These environments surround their firm’s operations. These environments contain forces […]

Understanding the buyer decision making process

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Consumer buying decision-making process

When it comes to marketing goods or services, understanding your customers buying decision-making process matters. Amazingly, many small businesses fail to recognise how important it is to understand their customers buying […]

Is my refund policy legal? Understanding your customers’ rights

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Refunds, repairs and replacements | Knowing your customers’ rights As an Australian small business owner or manager, it is very important that you understand and respect your customers’ rights to refunds, replacements and repairs.

Scenario: Let’s say […]

Customer service strategies, they’re not rocket science

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Customer service strategies and standards Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Regardless of the nature of the organisation, or the industry in which it operates, a company’s success depends upon its customers. For this […]

Avoiding Marketing Myopia in sales, advertising and marketing

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What is Marketing Myopia? Marketing myopia is an academic term that dates way back to 1960. In essence, marketing myopia is a common mistake, which is made by newbie sales professionals and marketing communicators. Myopia […]

Cost-plus pricing formula explained + free calculator

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Cost-plus pricing formula explained Many small businesses — particularly those in the retail sector — set their selling prices using a cost-plus pricing strategy. The popularity of cost-plus pricing strategy is mainly attributed to the concept’s […]

7 content marketing tips for Australia

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Content marketing strategy for Australia In today’s rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, a carefully planned and executed content marketing strategy is very important. Content marketing is especially beneficial if your goal is to increase your […]

A dual distribution strategy can grow your business

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Using a dual distribution strategy to grow your business Small business owners often find the task of identifying new marketing opportunities especially challenging. After all, much of their time is spent running their […]

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